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13 Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Your BFF’s Birthday

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Birthday

It’s your BFF’s birthday. The peanut butter to your jelly. The mac to your cheese. The marshmallow to your…you get the idea. You know it should be a big deal because they’re a big deal to you! But you don’t want to do the same old birthday dinner, right? I mean, how boring is that?? Don’t be basic. Go do something exciting to celebrate that special life! 

“But planning birthdays is hard!!” Well, pull up your big girl panties and pay attention because the crew here at Free Birthday Fun has scoured the globe looking for all the amazing different ways you can celebrate that day. You’re welcome. Keep on reading for a list of ideas you can steal to go above and beyond for your BFF.


1.  Themed Movie Night

Since they’re your best friend, you probably know their favorite movie. At least, we hope you do. So since you obviously know these things, throw a movie night party using that movie as the main theme! You can get invites that sport the theme and encourage everyone to dress up as a character from the film! Supply food and drinks that fit the theme, and there you go. Your BFF will thank you for making their day way cooler than normal. 


2. ‘90s Bowling Party

The ‘90s aren’t dead yet! Especially because no one can seem to let them go. Hop on the bandwagon and re-live the memories with a ‘90s bowling party! Throw on those oversized jeans and all the denim you can, cuz you’re gonna get down like it’s 1999! Put together a playlist full of your ‘90s faves and party down in the lanes. Everyone else will be psyched, and your BFF is gonna feel so fly.


3. Exercise Class

Health and fitness are totally in right now. But no one wants to take the plunge alone. So why not put together a group and go sweat together? Throw on those headbands and yoga pants and get your body moving. Plus, exercise boosts your endorphins, which will ensure that everyone is smiling by the end, even if they’re secretly hating you inside…


4. Picnic with outdoor games and cupcakes

No one said that birthday parties in the park had to end once you become an adult. If your BFF has a summer birthday, get out and enjoy the sunshine with your friends! Grab some grown-up party games and laugh till your sides hurt. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!


5. Day at the Spa

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to pamper yourself, but your BFF probably doesn’t want to do it alone. Help a sister out and go treat yo’self together! Nothing says “celebrate” like facials and massages. It’s true. Look it up.


6. Foodie Festival

Stuffing your face on your birthday is literally the perfect way to celebrate. We’re not exaggerating. Cuz we’d NEVER do that. Google when the next local food festival is, and go try some new exciting food! Or just hit up your local taco truck. Because #TacosAreLife


7. ‘80s Skating party

Remember that ‘90s bowling party we mentioned earlier? Well, forget it, cuz this idea is ten thousand times better! Unless you’re some sort of crazy person who thinks the ‘90s are better than the ‘80s. It’s okay. We won’t judge you. Much. But if you’re a normal person who knows how awesome the ‘80s were, then this idea will rock your socks off! Get those side ponytails popping and throw on those neon leg warmers because this idea is totally bitchin’! Grab the brightest pair of skates you can find (and some elbow pads, just in case). And don’t forget your playlist of rockin’ ‘80s tunes!


8. Karaoke Night

Even if your BFF thinks they can’t sing, take them out to the karaoke bar anyway! You know all the other people there can’t sing either, but that doesn’t stop them. You might even find some undiscovered talent. You probably won’t, but who knows!


9. Mini Road Trip

Nothing says “Your birthday is important to me” like getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Show your BFF how much they mean to you by taking a long drive to an unknown location and running the risk of needing to be rescued by a park ranger. Although, you should probably plan it out a bit beforehand, just to be safe. But that doesn’t mean you have to tell your BFF where you’re going. Just think of all the long conversations you can have while you’re stuck in the same car together for hours on end. Sounds like a great time, right?!?


10. Chill by the pool

Pour some drinks, invite some friends, barbeque some burgers or hotdogs, and celebrate that life! No one said you had to do anything fancy to make your best friend’s special day the best day ever. Sometimes just spending time together and being with friends is all you need.


11. Have a Baking Contest

Make this year’s birthday much more exciting by upping the competition factor! Throw a super awesome baking contest that includes a special prize! The prize doesn’t have to be too big, but should definitely be something fun. You can make it even more interesting by having the theme be your BFF! Winner is the person who does the best frosting face, or makes your BFF’s favorite outfit out of cupcakes!


12. Do a Backyard Brunch

Don’t be afraid to be fancy at this backyard brunch. Add a Make-Your-Own-Mimosa table and just go crazy! We’re talking hats and umbrellas and drinking with your pinky up. There’s no limit to the boujee-ness at this party. Bonus points if you show up in pearls and gloves!


13. Grab all the Birthday Freebies

You can’t forget about birthday freebies!! Take a break from all that awesome partying and treat your best friend to some free pancakes! Or cupcakes! Or skydiving! Or paintball!! The freebies are endless! And you can find them all on our app! Make sure you download it today and start planning that perfect party!