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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friends

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Birthday

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. Some have fur, some have feathers, some have creepy cold scales and dead eyes that stare at you as they menacingly flick their tongues around… 

Anyway, the point is, most people have pets of some kind or another, and, believe it or not, those pets have birthdays! Not only that, but a survey done in 2017 shows that 3 out of 4 dog owners actually go out of their way to celebrate their animal’s special day.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy making a big deal because their pet made another trip around the sun, here are some ideas to help you make that day extra special.


Explore somewhere new!

One thing that would be fun for both of you would be to take them on a trip somewhere. For example, a new dog park, a ride in the car, or even a different part of the house that they don’t normally go in. (As long as you don’t take them to the vet. That’s just cruel.) You could explore your city with your four-legged best friend so you can both experience something new!


Make a special animal-friendly cake

Just like their human companions, pets really like special treats. But most of the treats that we humans would eat are not very good for pets. Consider making them something delicious that won’t totally hurt them. Like this awesome doggy cake! It’s full of awesome animal-friendly ingredients that those little guys can munch on with no fear of being hurt.


Take lots of pictures. 

We know that pets aren’t around forever, so what better way to celebrate than by making lasting memories? You could take a bunch of adorable pictures with your pet and turn them into a special memory book! Sure, that present is more for you than your pet, but, face it, this whole freaking thing is really about you. Your pet literally has no idea what’s going on.


Get a free gift

Now, this is really where your pet benefits the most. I’m sure you’ve got tons of toys laying around your house already, but you know you could always use more!! If you’re signed up with Petco and you put your pet’s birthday on your account, they’ll give you a free gift! Yes, it is breed specific. They’re not going to give you a cat tree for your dog. Unless your dog is into that… 


We know you love your pets, and we do too! We want you to be able to celebrate them the way they deserve to be celebrated. But it’s not just about pets! There are lots of other ideas for you in our Free Birthday Fun app! Go download it and start planning out your pet’s (or your) birthday!