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9 Ways to #birthdaybetter That Won’t Cost You a Dime

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Birthday

Have you ever taken a good hard look at how you celebrate your birthday? I did the other day, and, can I just say, it was pretty sad. My birthdays lately have been rather dull. Well, my friend, if you find yourself in that same situation, let me give you a few ways you can make sure that this year you #birthdaybetter. The best thing about these suggestions? They won’t cost you a dime.  

1) Exercise

Yeah, okay, no one really LIKES to exercise, so why would I put that on the list? Because, even if you don’t like exercise, exercise loves you! It’s scientifically proven that moving your body boosts all those wonderful little happy chemicals in your brain (endorphins), and it’s a great way to get yourself feeling good. Starting your day off with a surge of happy sounds pretty great, right?  
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  2) Explore your city Be honest. How much of your city have you really seen? I’m sure there are places where you’ve wanted to go but never actually have. Use today as an excuse to go exploring! Google some historical buildings or trails, or just drive around and look at all the different neighborhoods. Sometimes getting a different perspective makes things feel brand new again.  

3) Call up an old friend

I know, I know, it’s YOUR birthday. Your friends should be calling YOU. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, you took the initiative and called them instead. *GASP!* You never know what could be going on in someone’s life, and you’ll benefit from a lovely conversation as much as the other person. It really doesn’t matter which one dialed the phone.  

4) Take a nap

Naps are super underrated. Honestly, I don’t think there’s enough of a nap mentality in our culture. You know those other cultures have it down with their siestas and midday lulls. Today is your day; you should get to do what you want! Maybe take a long lunch break and catch some Zs in your car, or take a hint from Jim and Dwight and throw a pillow and blanket down on the conference room floor. Just make sure you put up a sign that tells everyone you’re taking a birthday nap. Wouldn’t want the boss to disturb you with pesky business matters.  

5) Borrow a birthday tradition from another country

Who said you had to do the same old boring cake and candles on your birthday? (Not that I would ever turn down cake. I mean, come on, it’s friggin’ cake.) But if you’re looking for something new and exciting, look at some traditions from other countries. In Norway, the birthday boy/girl gets to grab a partner and dance in front of their classroom while singing a fun little song. In England, your friends grab you by your hands and feet and swing you up into the air. And in Canada, all your friends ambush you and rub butter on your face! Okay. Maybe not ALL the traditions of other countries would be good to adopt. But you never know what might catch on here in America!  

6) Sit down and actually watch the sunset. 

How many times in your life have you taken a moment to sit back and appreciate how beautiful nature is? If you live in a busy city where you can’t see past the smog and the skyscrapers, take a drive a few miles out of town. Find a spot next to some farmland where you can just sit and bask in the glory of a simple sunset.  

7) Write a list of all the things you’ve accomplished in the last year

If you’re anything like me, you probably look back at your life like, what have I been doing all these years? Sometimes all it takes is writing something down to spark those memories. You may be surprised how much you’ve actually accomplished in your lifetime.  

8) Set a goal for the coming year

Think of something you’ve always wanted to do but still haven’t done. Write it down. Now think of how you could go about doing that thing. Write down the steps that you need to take to make that thing happen. When you break something down into little pieces, it doesn’t feel as impossible to achieve. Who knows, maybe when you write out your accomplishments next year, that thing will be on the list.  

9) Have a dance party

If you have ever been a teenage girl (or met one), you know how fun dance parties are. I can’t think of a better way of ringing in your new year than dancing around like a maniac to your favorite music. Make it even more fun by inviting a few friends over. If you’re lucky, they might bring you a gift or two. ? Birthdays were meant to be celebrated. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg. You can have an amazing day without the pressure to spend a ton of money. While you’re out doing all these things, why not step your birthday up a notch? There are thousands of deals available at your fingertips through the Free Birthday Fun app! You could always hop on there and find even more things to do that won’t break the bank!