About the App

Don’t Birthday Without Us

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay on your special day. Even if you’re rolling in it. So we built the best thing for birthdays since cake and ice cream and cards with cash from Grandma. You won’t know how you celebrated without it.

What do I do the other 364 days of the year?

We think you should be celebrated all year long, and we built the app accordingly. In addition to receiving deals and content all year long that’ll help you birthday like a boss, if you’ve got friends—and those friends have birthdays—this app is for you. And for them. And for America, land of the free (stuff).

Help your friends Birthday Better

  • Invite your friends to download the app.
  • Help your friends out by sharing deals you find.
  • Help your friends plan their birthdays by viewing their Agenda.

Freemium vs Premium

Why should you pay money to get free stuff? Because for a teensy one-time investment of just $4.99, you can upgrade to a Premium Account that gives you access to every deal we know about across the nation, perform detailed searches, save deals and create an agenda to share with your friends.

Freemium Benefits

  • Contains Ads
  • Premium Listings
  • Limited Number of Results Based on Your Current Location
  • No Saved Deals

Premium Benefits

  • No Ads
  • Premium Listing
  • UNLIMITED number of listings with ability to limit offers based on distance
  • Save your deals
Upgrade & get it all for $4.99!