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The Secret Weapon That Other Businesses Are Using To Boost Income

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Business

The restaurant industry has got this birthday deal thing on lock.

Happy birthday, here’s your free steak dinner. Congrats on another trip around the sun, here’s a free ice cream. How about a free pizza? Yes, that too. They’re killing it with these deals, and consumers are responding!
So, what’s “killing it,” you ask?
How about 52% growth over four years and revenue growth from $500,000 annually to $760,000, and since then, over $1.2 million! All while dropping advertising costs by 95%. That’s exactly what Pat Vaselakos experienced with her small Golden Chick location in Arlington, Texas. Per Pat: “Everyone should have a birthday deal!” She claims her birthday program is directly responsible for 90% of her business growth.
“Everyone should have a birthday deal!”
Hey, bowling alley. What’s up, bouncy house. Yo, golf course! Pssssst, over here, massage therapist. And, oh yeah, everyone needs their hairdresser! Where are your deals? The proof is out there in the restaurant industry, so why not make this process work for you too??
Question – How are your Wednesday business numbers looking, or any other weekday for that matter?
Every day in America there are 528,624 birthday celebrators between the ages of 18 and 65. They’re taking time off work, grabbing friends, and going out! They want to look good and feel good, especially on their big day! Birthday programs are simple to implement, inexpensive, and better yet, effective.
Here’s how Pat started hers:
She bought 1,000 names and addresses from residences within a two-mile radius of her restaurant and sent out a cute “Happy Birthday” postcard to each one. The offer? $7.50 off anything on the menu, which meant someone could get any item on the menu for free (and maybe even have some left over). Within seven months of that initial mailing, her numbers were rising, and by the ninth month, those numbers were making an unmistakable increase in her bottom line She says one key to a successful birthday deal is to never fuss when a customer walks in with a coupon.
“Never fuss when a customer walks in with a coupon.”
In fact, if the customer buys something that doesn’t use the entire $7.50, Pat uses the rest of it toward the order for the person next in line behind them. That makes two very happy customers and an almost guaranteed birthday signup from that second customer when they find out why their bill was less than expected.
So what’s keeping you from creating your business-building birthday deal?
We’d love to hear from you! If you already have a birthday deal going on, let’s get you added to our nationwide Free Birthday Fun app. It’s completely free, and you have full control over the details of your deal! Contact us today to get the process started.