Want a good reason why your business should get involved?

Here are five:

Win more birthday business

Free Birthday Fun puts you on the map (literally), driving an average party of 3.7 guests through your door for each birthday that is being celebrated.

Boost slow times

The great thing about birthdays is they happen every day of the week. Boost slow times with offers that drive traffic especially on those slow days.

You Control Your Offer

What you offer is up to you. The better the offer, the better your chance of attracting the birthday crowd. Download the app and see what your competitors are offering to get an idea of what you can do to boost business.

Gain new customers and valuable analytics

Not only can you create a trial with a new customer base, but you’ll receive valuable insight into your existing and potential customer demographics.

Special advertising rates

Receive special rates on advertising opportunities and get your message in front of Free Birthday Fun members looking for deals just like yours.