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How to Rock Your Birthday When You Don’t Want a Party

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Birthday

Congratulations! It’s the anniversary of the day you were born! You woke up this morning to TONS of Facebook notifications and text messages and people have been asking you all week what your plans were for your big day. Except, you didn’t make any. 

You don’t want a huge party. You don’t like making a big deal out of your birthday, and that’s okay. Instead of the usual birthday bash, here are some things you can do to quietly ring in your new year.


1) Pick your favorite thing in the world to do and go do it 

Take time to read a new book or take a bubble bath. Get your endorphins flowing and go for a run or a lift. Pick up a friend and go see a movie (if they’re a good friend, they might even offer to pay 😉). Sit on the couch with your favorite food and play that video game you haven’t had time to finish. Whatever it is that you love to do, go do it! Enjoy your special day on your own terms.


2) Go have a nice dinner with a few close friends or family members

Just because you don’t want to have a big birthday bash doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate the awesomeness that is your special day. Your friends want to celebrate with you; why not give them the opportunity? Besides, if you go out to dinner, you might end up getting something for free. What???


3) Splurge on something you wouldn’t normally buy

Shoes, purses, clothes. random things for your house Whatever it is, treat yo’self! If you can’t justify a ridiculous purchase on your birthday, then when can you?? 


4) Take a day to pamper yourself 

Go get a new hairdo or spend the day at the spa. If you’re an avid sports fan, see if there’s a game close by or play a couple rounds on the local golf course. If you have our FBF app, you might even be able to do some of those things for free! How cool is that?


5) Do something you’ve never done before

Take an art or cooking class. Travel somewhere new. Start learning a new skill or language. Use this day as a time to improve yourself. It makes a huge difference when you start your new year out on a strong note. 


6) Redeem as many birthday freebies as possible

One of the greatest things about our app is that we’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to birthday deals. We’ve found every business near you that offers something for free or at a discount on your birthday. Take advantage of our hard work, download our app, and make sure you’re signed up for all the freebies you can get on your special day!