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How to Birthday with that Person Who Hates to Party

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Birthday

We all know that one person who claims to hate his birthday.
You never know what to buy him because he never gives you any ideas. You ask him what he wants to do, and he just gives you that sad little shrug. He complains all the time about no one making his birthday special, and yet when you talk to him about it, you don’t get any response. Well, let me give you some awesome ideas on how to celebrate that person (and, yes, you should celebrate them) in a way he’ll remember and help him fight those birthday blues.
Step 1: Download the marvelous, incredible, fantastic, stupendous, amazing Free Birthday Fun app. (Did I mention it was super cool??)
This app is chock-full of birthday deals, even if the birthday isn’t yours.
Step 2: Look for the deals in your local area.
The dedicated researchers and developers here at Free Birthday Fun are constantly working to find the newest and funnest (yes, that’s a word – I officially created it) birthday deals around. They have scoured the nation from the comfort of their desk chairs to see what places are offering what deals and how you can get them. All you have to do is put in your location and the type of deal you want and the app will do the rest.
Step 3: Pick the deal that sounds like the most fun!
Is your birthday boy or girl a breakfast person? A lunch person? A pastry or cookie person? Are they even into food at all? If they’re not, we’ve got tons of other deals that aren’t food-related too. You can find a gift for them or send them on a shopping spree to pick out their own. You can even take them on a crazy cool adventure involving their favorite hangout spots. Dave & Buster’s, anyone?
Step 4: Kidnap that Grumpy Gus and go celebrate!
Okay, maybe don’t kidnap them. At least call and give them some advance notice so they can, I don’t know, put on pants or something.   Birthdays don’t have to be a drag, and we can prove it. Let the Free Birthday Fun app help you turn your friend’s otherwise rotten birthday into a truly incredible experience.